Everyone has a different feeling, when they see a bride in a white wedding dress. Some people recall their wedding dress, others imagine and draw in their minds their perfect dress. Most of the cases – it is a white-colored dress. However, white color became common only in the middle of the seventeenth century. Prior to that, brides of different nations wore to the weddings dresses of various styles and colors, for example, in China, the color of happiness, for the bride was red, even today, Chinese women adhere to old traditions. In India, same red color of a dress called saris and represents success. Indian brides also love bright pink and orange colors. In some countries a bride’s face was commonly hidden under a veil. This tradition came from the Jewish marriage rite – hupa. Scandinavian brides used to choose a black wedding dress. According to one version, Queen Victoria was the first one to introduce a white wedding dress, which symbolized the purity, innocence and modesty of the bride. White has come a long way in order to become a traditional wedding color. However, the XXI century is making adjustments, and at fashion shows you can see wedding dresses in a shade of champagne or ripe peach color. Designers experiment with the image of a bride and make it more original. Nevertheless white color still remains a classic for a wedding dress.vvv